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Breakfast with Tom Palmer

Sunday 6th July | No comments yet

What a brilliant way to start the week!

Thank you everyone for getting to school early on Monday morning, so that we were ready to welcome Tom Palmer, the author of ‘Foul Play: Brazil.’ Tom has been doing a cycling tour of all the Leeds Libraries, so we were delighted that he agreed to visit us on his way to Farsley Library. We have really enjoyed reading the daily chapters of his book and are excited about how the story will end.

The children asked Tom Palmer some very interesting questions about his life as an author. It was fascinating to hear that he had been writing books for over 25years, yet had only been published for the last 7 years. This made us reflect upon how if we want to achieve something, it often takes perseverance and a lot of determination.

Tom Palmer also read us the chapter he had written for Monday morning and then we discussed where the story line might go next. It was really exciting to read the choices at the end of the week as they reflected the ideas we had talked about with him. We had a good discussion about what choice we would make vote on later in the week. At first it was an equal split between those wanting the end of the story to be a ghost story and those who wanted it to be an action thriller. We put forward reasons why each option would be the best way to finish the story and eventually the majority of the class voted for Option 1, the Action Thriller ending! So now we can’t wait till next week to see what happens!

We would all like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Tom Palmer for joining us and helping to inspire our love of reading.

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