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Creating an island with 2H.

Saturday 12th July | No comments yet

On Wednesday 2F joined 2H for a brilliant day of drama led by Miss Hutchinson. The children were introduced to a quiet peaceful island and then they created attraction for the island to encourage visitors. In these photographs you can see the children started with a blank island and then added pictures of their attractions. We then made leaflets to promote the island before meeting back up with 2H to discuss the changes we had made to the island. At first we thought our changes made the island better, but then we listened to two residents in role play and thought about the noise, pollution and how the changes would affect the lives of the islanders.

To conclude the day we looked at pictures of Bridlington and thought about why they don’t let buses park down near the beach and discussed other ways the seaside town tried to balance the needs of tourists with trying to keep the town a pleasant place to live in and a safe and clean environment for everyone.

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