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Maps, Measuring, Superworm and Skipping!

Friday 21st June | No comments yet

This week in Year 2 we have been busy looking at maps of the local area. We used an aerial photograph of our farm from google earth to navigate around. We noticed there were some differences and added these onto the photographs.

Later in the week, we used a different map of the farm to help us learn about how to use a key. We used the map to find 5 cones which had letters on, which we then worked out spelled the word super!

We also enjoyed using google earth to find some places that we know such as school, our house and other special places.

In Maths this week, we have been busy measuring using grams and kilograms. The children have worked really hard to read scales in different increments. They particularly enjoyed finding out their own mass and comparing these with their friends.

In English lessons this week, we have really enjoyed reading and discussing the story Superworm. We wrote some amazing book reviews and character descriptions.


This week, we took 30 Year 2 skippers to Pudsey Leisure Centre to take part in a skipping competition. The children did incredibly well; we were so proud of their hard work, teamwork and super attitude.

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