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Poppies, Remembrance, poems and Hilary Robinson.

Saturday 14th November | 2 comments

Inspired by the wonderful book, ‘Where the poppies now grow,’ by Hilary Robinson and our trip to see Poppy:wave at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we have been busy working on a collaborative art project and being poets.

Every child in Year 2 created a large poppy, using metallic paper and layers of tissue paper. Attached together with split pins and then secured into thick straws with a wooden screwer inside them. Some of the children found the large poppies really challenging to make, but then when we made the smaller poppies they discovered that their struggle had helped them and now they could master these smaller poppies with more confidence. Together we created over 200 small poppies and these were wired into a single piece of art, so it could be displayed with the large poppies and then taken to the Farsley War memorial. On Wednesday, 11th November at 11.00 all the children from the North Building, stood together at the end of playtime, on the playground, near our poppy display and stood for the 2 minutes silence. We finished with a short few words of remembrance for all the soldiers of the 1st and 2nd World War, but also for those who have lost their lives in war and together we prayed for peace across the world.


The child created word webs about poppies and war, thinking about descriptive adjectives and verbs and adverbs to describe movements and actions. Having used these words and phrases to create verses for their poems, we spent time reading them together and making changes to improve them. Again we discovered that good learning can feel like a struggle, we had to think hard and kept making mistakes, but gradually we saw some amazing poems created from our hard work.

On Thursday we walked together down to the Farsley War Memorial, carrying with us our special poppy wreath. The children with their poems formed a circle round the memorial and the rest of the class walked round listening to each poem being read out. We then all held hands together and stood in silence to respect the soldiers from Farsley and all those who have died in war. We prayed together for peace. It was a very special trip and I would like to thank the family members who came on the trip with us too.

Here are photographs of 2C on their trip too.


On Friday we were thrilled to welcome the author of the book that had inspired our poems, Hilary Robinson. She came and visited both 2F and 2C and read her story, ‘The Christmas Truce,’ to the children. Do look at her website http://www.hilaryrobinson.co.uk/, it has lots of information about her and the wonderful books that she has written. The children listed carefully and we learned a lot about the stories behind the book and the illustrations. She talked to the children too about how as an author, she spends a long time thinking about ideas and often comes up with the ending first, then the title and then fills in the rest, drafting and redrafting until she is happy with the book. She encouraged us all to be authors and to keep writing. Some of the children read their poems to her and I know she was really impressed with the quality of the children’s writing.

Here is a short video of Hilary Robinson reading the beginning of ‘The Christmas Truce,’ with the children.

We would all like to thank Hilary Robinson for coming to visit us. It was a very special end to a wonderful week inspired by her book. 🙂

2 responses to “Poppies, Remembrance, poems and Hilary Robinson.”

  1. olivia says:

    that must of been fun George said ” it was really exiting and it was really sad for the people ho died”

  2. Hilary says:

    It was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you for taking such an interest in my stories. I enjoyed listening to your stories too so thank you for sharing them with me. Keep up the great work and don’t forget Peace Lily when it is published in two years time! Hilary X

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