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Prince Cinders.

Saturday 30th November | 1 comment

This week we read the traditional fairy story, Cinderella and then read a different version of the story called, Prince Cinders. Prince Cinders is about a boy who has three mean brothers and the story ends with him marrying Princess Lovelypenny and ‘living happily ever after!’ There are many similarities between the two stories, but also some big differences! I am sure the children can tell you some of them.

We read the book, but then we also enjoyed the short video of the story. The video again differs slightly from the book. The class enjoyed the story so much they have asked me to put a link to it on the blog!

Prince Cinders Part one.

Prince Cinders Part two.

Prince Cinders Part three.

Prince Cinders Part four.

The book is read in this video.

One response to “Prince Cinders.”

  1. Karen Chaudhari says:

    We enjoyed looking at this different version of Cinderella…Eva found it funny when the brothers got turned into house-fairies.

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