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This week in 2F

Sunday 21st June | No comments yet

It’s been another busy week in 2F.

In Literacy we are al busy being authors. We’re writing our own stories inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m not going to give any details away…. you will have to wait until next week to read and listen to some of our fabulous stories.

In Maths we tackled an interesting challenge. “If I had a bag with some 2D shapes in it, the shapes only have straight sides, and the total number of sides is 20. No shape has more than 10 sides. What shapes could be in the bag?” The challenge helped us revisit our learning about 2D shapes, so that we knew all the different shapes we could choose from. We then began to think about all the different combinations there might be. At first we jotted down our ideas as they randomly came to us, but then we discovered that it was easy to record our answers on a table and we tried to think about the problem in a more systematical way. We didn’t find all the combinations of shapes that could be in the bag, but we did all learn a lot about problem solving and thinking systematically.

This week we were thrilled to be handing out two, Second Mathletics Gold Certificates and the Mathlete of the Week award for a score of over 9,000 points. We were also thrilled to see 2F in the top 50 classes list. The top classes has changed the way it is calculated and is no longer based on the class total, but instead is based on the average score per pupil in the class. We achieved 28 certificates and an average pupil score of 2,426! Well done to everyone.

Special Mentions were awarded to two children for the kindness and caring they have shown the rest of the class and the positive words they have been using to help keep us all happy. We also celebrated the achievement of a first piano certificate. Well done to you all. 🙂

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