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This week in 2F.

Sunday 6th July | 4 comments

The week got off to an amazing start with a visit from Tom Palmer, the author of Foul Play : Brazil and many other children’s books. Everyone loved hearing the morning’s chapter read by Tom and we enjoyed asking him questions about life as a busy author.

Here is the email we sent Tom Palmer on Tuesday, after his visit.

Hi Tom, we have all just read today’s chapter, Dylan and Logan had again read it before school! Dylan really wants to know if your idea about Eva becoming a ghost is actually what is going to happen – or is it a different idea.Dylan thinks she will start to work with Danny and Charlotte, against Sir Richard and trying to save the Rainforest. Logan is actually wondering if Eva is really the next attack – or will something else appear as well? Finn says he actually thinks Eva is a distraction and that there will be another attack – possibly a jaguar.Or Dylan says maybe a panther as they are so ‘steathly and quiet.’ Elsie was thinking that maybe Eva might get attacked by wild animals and that Danny and Charlotte might actually rescue her and that is when she goes to their side. Logan also thinks it’s a distraction, he thinks Sir Richard has made a model of Eva. Isla thinks a helicopter or a plane might actually come – First News might be worried as to why they haven’t heard from the children for a while.

We all also wanted to say a huge big thank you. We will be back in touch, this is just a quick email at milk time to share our thoughts, from all 2F.

In Maths we continued our work on multiplication and factors. Some of the children did some excellent pictures of their factor bugs, working out all the numbers that divided into the bug’s number, with no remainders. (See last weeks blog post for more information on how to play ‘Factor Bugs.’ )

IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203

In Literacy the children wrote some acrostic poems with Mrs Loveridge. Please do enjoy reading some examples on Mrs Loveridge’s page.

On Thursday afternoon the children had an opportunity to go and visit their new classroom in the South Building. Everyone returned very happy and enthusiastic, especially as their new teacher is going to be Mrs Daniels.  On Monday 14th July parents and their children are invited to a Transition Meeting and you will get an opportunity to chat with the teacher and visit the South building and  your child’s teacher. You will also receive a leaflet with information about life in KS2. The leaflet and more information will also be posted on the blog.

Mrs Loveridge chose the Special Mention children this week for their brilliant work on their World Cup Poems. They were definitely being ‘Great Learners.’

Image Image 1 Image 2

Finally a note from Elsie.

Elsie brought me this report which she had written at home. I think it has a very important message, and like Elsie, I would like to urge everyone to help us keep the children safe by not parking outside school and whenever possible walking to school, to help reduce the volume of traffic around Cote Lane at the beginning and end of the school day.


I hope you all have a brilliant weekend. I’m looking forward to next week already! We have lots of brilliant learning planned for the week, including kite making (in preparation for our trip to Bridlington) , poetry writing with 1GJ and a special sea side  drama session!

4 responses to “This week in 2F.”

  1. Elsie says:

    My letter has certainly worked it is starting to get calmer on the roads,but they are still some cars.

  2. Darshan Gill says:

    Some great work by everyone , Priya is going to miss 2F and all the lovely staff but is very excited about having Mrs Daniels again.

  3. Karen Chaudhari says:

    WOW you’ve all been really busy. I’ve not looked on the blog for a while and it’s great to see all of the fun you’ve been having. You should all be very proud of the amazing work you are doing…well done!

  4. Emma Pickering says:

    Well done for this report Elsie, on getting to school safely. The Pickering family agrees with this. We find it a daily challenge getting to school, especially around both entrances to the junior building. We wish more people would walk or park far away and then walk. It is very difficult when parents drop children off by driving in and out the junior car park!!

    Well done Elsie for making everyone aware of this! We all need to look after each other in our school community!

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