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This week in Year 2.

Saturday 21st November | No comments yet

This week the children started their Geography topic. We started by refreshing our skills if using an atlas and identifying the continents and oceans. We then used our knowledge to help us write questions for quizzes, remembering to use question marks and capital letters for all the places, as they are all proper nouns. Next week we are going to find out about New Zealand and will be emailing a  school in New Zealand with our questions and sharing information about our school, Farsley, Yorkshire, England and the United Kingdom.

In Maths we have been learning about division. The children did practical work first, sharing out counters and then recording the division sum.

At the end of the week the children played a sorting game. They had to match up the related multiplication and division calculations, questions, pictures, jumps on a numberline and arrays. They worked in their teams and over the course of the session they learned a lot about sorting in a systematic way.

We also used our sorting skills in our Science lesson, when we thought about different objects and the materials they are made of. We talked about why different materials were used to make certain things, particularly why plastic is used for so many of our toys. See if your child can tell you the materials that things around the house are made from and give you an explanation as to why that material is used.

photo 3

The children have also been assigned games on Mathletics in the tab, Multiply and Divide and we have encouraged them to keep working on them until they achieve a ‘good work’ or ‘perfect’ bar. Remember that if you are struggling, it means your brain will be growing and you are learning, also click on the question mark for help.

Our Mathlete of the week was Joseph, who scored over 4,000 points. At the time of writing this blog post, 2F have reached 25th position in the top UK classes, with an average point score of 2,400+ per child. Brilliant effort 🙂

In phonics this week we have been exploring the different ways the ‘l’ sound is formed at the end of words, for instance table, travel and capital. 

Thank you for all the learning logs returned last week. The children had all worked hard at home finding out interesting information about a wide range of different countries, from Finland to Australia, Brazil to Pakistan. Learning Logs  have gone home again and the work set is to show your knowledge of times tables. We have worked on the 0,1,2,5 and 10x tables, but your child can show their learning of any times tables and the related division facts.

The children enjoyed sharing their logs with each other.

photo 4 photo 5

Special Mention this week were –
2F – Pareen, for practising his times tables at home, nearly every day this week.
George, for always working hard in class and approaching every task with determination.
Well done to you both for ‘Being a Great Learner.’

2C -Max, for fantastic effort in maths this week during our work on division.
Charley, for trying her best and working hard in all our sessions this week.
Well done to you both for ‘Being the best you can be.’

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