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Do taller people have bigger feet?

Thursday 22nd September | 2 comments

Do taller people have bigger feet?  This was the question that 2LO tried to answer this afternoon.  In order to investigate this question, we decided to measure our feet by drawing round them and then using a ruler to measure the length of them; we then took measurements of our height.   Having done this, we set out to answer our question by comparing the two.  We discovered that yes, usually taller people do have the bigger feet but as always there were some anomalies…..


2 responses to “Do taller people have bigger feet?”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    It was great to share the blog with Charlie, he told us all about measuring Archie and brought his tape home showing how tall he was! It was lovely to come into the classroom and see the children’s work, Charlie didn’t used to eat pineapple but having tasted it and written a poem he has now asked to have it at home which is great!

  2. Nahed (Aaminahs Mum) says:

    Aaminah had great fun answering this question and loved finding out who was taller than her and had bigger feet.

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