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A brilliant week to end the half term. 2F

Wednesday 27th May | 2 comments

It was a very busy week, with some fun quizzes and challenges to do. It was wonderful to see everyone working so hard and feeling so proud of their achievements after each task was completed.

In Maths, as well as completing our quiz booklets we also had a fun, active Maths session in the hall. There was a circuit of 4 activities – bouncing on the trampoline while skip counting, throwing bean bags into hoops to score hundreds, tens and units, a rounding game and a game where the children created arrays. The children especially enjoyed the skip counting activity and we will keep practising doing this in lots of fun ways.

The children were all very proud of the work they had done in their Learning Logs. We enjoyed a sharing circle, where the children were able to share their work with some of their friends. No work has been set for Half Term, but I have encouraged the children to keep reading daily, achieve their Mathletics Certificate and to keep practising their skip counting.

This week we awarded every child a Special Mention for being the ‘Best they could be.’ Everyone had worked so hard and  put so much effort into all the quizzes and challenges; it was impossible to choose only two children.

Below is our Mathlete of the Week. He had scored nearly 8,000 last week and then went on to beat this with an incredible score of over 14,000! Practising your Maths skills on Mathletics each week, really does help to improve your skills and makes you feel more confident about what you can achieve.



Well done to everyone for all your hard work and effort. I’m very proud of you all.

Have a wonderful Half Term holiday.

2 responses to “A brilliant week to end the half term. 2F”

  1. Amanda - Ben's mum says:

    Ben has been very excited about his mathletic score and is really proud to be mathlete of the week. He has worked really hard to be able to bring the trophy home again.

  2. peterharris says:

    A very impressive Mathletics effort – very well done!

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