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LEGO doubling, halving and fractions.

Saturday 7th December | 2 comments

First this week we worked on doubling and halving. We used our LEGO 10s and units bricks to help us with this. When we doubled everyone selected the right number of 10s and units, and then got the same bricks again, finally adding all the bricks together to find the double. When we halved, we selected the number of 10s and units that we needed to half and then either shared them into 2 piles, or lined the bricks up in a line 2 LEGO studs wide, and counted the studs along one side. Children soon began to see patterns and links to their 2x tables.

Later in the week we used the LEGO bricks to help of find fractions of a whole.

2 responses to “LEGO doubling, halving and fractions.”

  1. Nicola Gaunt says:

    Well done 2F you have obviously tried hard with your Lego fractions, keep the hard work up!

  2. Karen says:

    What a great way to learn about fractions. Well done 2F you’re doing a great job with your maths.

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