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Maths, learning our tables and drawing arrays.

Saturday 14th November | No comments yet

It is wonderful to see so many children really enjoying their Maths learning and developing a really positive attitude towards their Maths learning. We have talked about the importance of challenge and how easy work doesn’t stretch our brain, so now we all take on challenges, and often our learning can feel quite a struggle, but then when we get there, we are really proud of our new learning. You can almost feel the heat coming off the children’s heads as they grapple with Maths….

At the end of one of our Maths lessons we watched this video and discussed what Jo Boaler and her students tell us.You might like to watch the video at home and talk about it with your family. I would really appreciate your thoughts as comments on this post.

We have been learning our tables using a book called 2×2=Boo! A fitting book for this time of year, as it is a spooky collection of multiplication stories!

We created the times tables with objects and also learned how to draw arrays. We saw how we could turn the array around and so saw that multiplications can be swapped around in the same way as additions.

When we had learned how to do arrays we did a task from Jo Boaler, the professor of Maths at Stanford University’s website, Youcubed. The task was to use a dice and record arrays on a 100 square and keep going until you couldn’t fit the array on to the sheet. The first time we did it, some of didn’t think about where we were placing the arrays and soon we couldn’t find a space for our next array. We had lots of unfilled spaces. We started to think more carefully and tried again. Some of even tackled the task with a 400 square and a 9 sided dice. You might even like to try the challenge at home. Post a comment to let me know how you get on.

I assigned the children some brilliant games on Mathletics to help them practise this learning. Some have finished them, but others still have a few to complete. Some children have been bringing in sheets of extra practise for their times tables, we will be busy ticking off objectives on their Maths Learning Journey next week!


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