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Proud Mathletes!

Saturday 7th December | 1 comment



We were delighted to receive this certificate from Mathletics. Our challenge now is to achieve some more! Well done to everyone who is playing Mathletics regularly at home. Congratulations to all 2F 🙂

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  1. wilkina11 says:

    WOWSERS 2F!!!!! This video makes me want to shout “SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!!!”
    Isn’t maths cool when you do it using Lego?! I am extremely impressed with how you have presented what you discovered when working with fractions. You have used some super maths vocabulary too – one whole is a very important place to start when working with fractions! I am also very enthused with how you wrote your fractions- the numerator and denominator are very clear on your wipe boards. I can’t wait til you get to Y6! Jolly good effort everyone. Keep up exploring the world of maths with Mrs Fisher. I’ll be checking out your next mathematical adventures FOR SURE.
    Mr Wilkinson

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