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Symmetry, shape and logical thinking.

Friday 23rd May | 12 comments

It’s been a really busy week with lots of interesting booklets for the children to complete. The children have worked incredibly hard and they should all be feeling proud of their efforts and achievements.

In the afternoons we enjoyed PE outside in the sunshine and our tennis skills are improving with practise.

We also enjoyed an afternoon of Maths activities, exploring symmetry, shape and logical thinking. In the video below, you will see the circuit of activities we followed.

  • Building using straws and plastic connectors, looking at 2D and 3D shapes and working together to create a final huge shape sculpture.
  • Creating a symmetrical picture using 2D shapes and flipping them over the line of symmetry.
  • Using LEGO to create symmetrical sculptures.
  • Playing Rush Hour, a brilliant game for developing logical thinking. ( See the link in a previous post and also available as an iPad app)

I hope everyone has a brilliant Half Term holiday. I am not sending home the Learning Logs as I know quite a few of the children are going away on holiday; however, please do try to read daily, achieve your weekly Mathletics Certificate and enjoy Bug Club and Purple Mash, especially if you get a rainy morning or afternoon! You can post comments on the blog or email me, if you want to tell everyone about what you have been busy doing.

Have a wonderful break. From all Team 2F 🙂

12 responses to “Symmetry, shape and logical thinking.”

  1. brennan-Irving says:

    we do not have legels and have thos flopy thans. I like the moosec on the viteoe.I like the bloks we do not have the set I like the bloks and i had them last year i reele like them.

  2. Lucy- Irving says:

    hi my name is lucy i saw all about your class. you do ware youaform’s? Lucy

  3. alexis- Irving says:

    I like the song. the vido was good. i like how you make it.

  4. audrey- Irving says:

    you made some structures I liked and the sticks! I enjoyed the music too. In math we are learning about shapes too. Have you learned about greater than or less than? > < =

  5. IN says:

    What was you making?But i really liked the aong you put on it was brilliant!

  6. meghan says:

    I thought that was very educational

  7. sm54859 says:

    Did you make nets.

  8. bm says:

    Amazing how long did it take to make thoes.what Are they.

  9. Madison and Alfie says:

    great shapes 2f we enjoid looking at them on the video clip and we also like all of it.

  10. Ruqayyah says:

    Thanks for putting up this video on the blog and I like happy music you put with it. My daddy likes the happy so that’s why wants to listen to it. IT IS BRILLANT!!!!!!

  11. Elanor says:

    I love this it is great.I am going on holiday to Wales with grandma, grandad, Alex, Katie, uncle Chris and auntie Tracey. We are going to stay in a big cottage and they have a swimming pool.When I go back to school I will be 7 and a half my sister is all ready 1 and a half actually my sister is over 1 and a half she is nearly 1 and 3 quarters.

  12. Eva and Nathan says:

    Thanks for putting that video on the blog Mrs fisher. It’s a lovely film, I love Symmetry and Nathan really liked the song and the video also I thought all the activities extra,extra FUN and BRILLIANT!!!!!!

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