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Weekly news from 2F

Sunday 15th March | 2 comments

It’s been another busy week in 2F. I hope you will enjoy reading this week’s post and that it will act as prompt so your child can talk about their learning to you. I’ve added some links too, so that your child can demonstrate and practise their learning.

In Literacy this week we read a less well known story by Julia Donaldson called Follow the Swallow. A blackbird sends a message to a swallow, but the message changes as it passes from animal to animal. We played ‘Chinese Whispers’ together and used this to think about words we could use instead of ‘said’ and also how to use speech marks.
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.24.02

In Phonics this week we worked on alternative ways to write /oy/ such as oil and alternatives for /r/, such as write. We also practised spelling some of the different words we thought of to use instead of said. So far we have 38 words on our list, can you think of any more we can add?

In Maths we used the bar model to show multiplication problems and then used our knowledge of times tables or drew arrays to help us solve them. we found drawing the bar model a little tricky, so to help us we used LEGO to create the bar models and then we used sticky labels to create them in our books. Now that we really understand them, I’m sure the children will feel more confident about drawing them too.

I hope that the children have shown you this morning what they have been busy doing in our creative sessions! Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mums.

There was no Special Mention this week because we had an extra assembly to welcome Jamyang to Farsley Farfield, however this was probably just as well as it would have been so difficult to have chosen a Special Mention, when everyone has worked so hard this week. The Mathlete of the week was Ollie, and he will get a mention in next weeks assembly too. Bradley and Nina achieved their Gold Mathletics Awards, these too will be handed out next week. Well done to everyone.

Next Tuesday we are out on our trip to Rodley Nature Reserve.Today I have been there for a walk and had a wonderful time. Spring is definitely in the air! I saw lots of birds including three Grey Herons and a stunning Kingfisher. However after the recent rain, it is muddy in places and therefore I am going to suggest that children wear home clothes / outdoor clothing, rather than school uniform. They will also need wellington boots or walking shoes /boots, warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Thank you again to the parents who have volunteered to support us on the trip, it’ll be a wonderful day out.

Parent’s Evenings are on Tuesday and Wednesday in the South Building. I look forward to seeing you then.

2 responses to “Weekly news from 2F”

  1. lauren says:

    Thank you for the lovely Mothers day card .Everyone looks like they have been very busy counting with Lego.
    Nice to see Lauren Maths work on the Blog she is very proud of it.
    Enjoy your trip to Rodley can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Naheed (umayyahs mum) says:

    Well done to everyone in 2F for all the hard work they have done and I’m sure all the mummy’s were pleased with their Mother’s Day cards. I certainly was. Umayyah has talked lots about the Tong Len charity and the special visitor who came to talk about it. I hope you all have a great day out on Tuesday.

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