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World Maths Day – Tuesday October 13th

Friday 2nd October | 1 comment

Together, we count and make a difference.

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Together the children in the School Council have helped to organise a fabulous day of events to help us ‘Be Great Learners’ and also ‘Be Good Citizens.’ Here is a brief outline of the day…

On Tuesday 14th October, everyone at Farsley Farfield Primary School will be taking part in a very special day. Together we will be using a book called 365 Penguins to inspire Maths activities in every class. Dress up as a penguin, or in black and white for the day!

While this story is about 365 penguins who leave their home because it is in danger and seek to find a new place to live together, we will also be thinking about the millions of children and their families who are leaving Syria to try and find a safe place to live. Together, we will be raising funds for Unicef to help the plight of Syrian refugees.

Here is a video produced by Unicef about the life of a Syrian child refugee.

Numbers help us to do so many things, but look at these numbers and think about what they tell you…



As well as doing lots of penguin themed maths activities, all the children from Years 2-6 will be taking part in the Mathletics World Maths Day challenges. School will open early for Breakfast Mathletics and the after school Mathletics clubs, attended by over 100 children, will run on until teatime! On the World Maths Day challenges, children can earn Unicef points, which Mathletics and 3P learning will turn into money donated towards Unicef and their ‘School-in-a-box’ project.

Children will also have their own sponsorship forms and can choose to collect sponsors for their weeks score on Mathletics. This money will all go to Unicef to help them with their work supporting Syrian refugee families.

We have also set up a Just Giving page, so donations can be brought into school, or brought in by your penguins!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 05.29.53 Click to link to FFPS JustGiving page.

At the end of the day, there will be a family event, watching ‘Happy Feet.’

A letter will be going home, along with a sponsorship form for children in Years 2-6. A copy will also be embedded here soon.

It’s going to be a brilliant day! We’ll be stretching our brains and challenging ourselves, while raising money for Unicef and Syrian refugees together.

Be great learner +Be good citizen=World maths day_1



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  1. olivia says:

    that must be bad in syair

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