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Friday 15th January

14/01/2021 at 4:43 PM


Good morning and well done for all of your hard work this week. Please remember that packs will be available for collection from the junior building between 9am and 11am. Please return any school reading books in the boxes provided. A new reading book has been added to your packs.

Reading 9-9:30

If you haven’t already completed the tiger reading comprehension, please complete this today. Alternatively, this time could be used for handwriting practise, spellings or reading for fun!


Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Today we will be talking about how to improve our sentences. We will use the time to check through our stories and make any improvements. If you like, you can add some illustrations!

Here are the teaching slides:


Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can. We will have a quick recap of our multiplication topic, try some 3 x tables and other tricky challenges before completing the assessment.

Here are the teaching slides:

TASK: Please complete the end of topic assessment in your pack. There are also some extra times tables tricky challenges to complete.

Class Google Meet

Please join us in the 2LA and 2LO meet spaces at 1pm for an end of the week chat! Be ready to show and tell!

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Wednesday 13th January and Thursday 14th January

12/01/2021 at 12:33 PM


Thank you to all the parents and children for all your hard work already this week and it has been lovely to see so many smiling faces on the live Google meets. We really appreciate all the effort you are putting in to continue your learning.

Timetable for the week

Reading 9-9:30

We hope that you have been able to practise your reading during this time or have enjoyed reading some of your favourite books. Children will be provided with new home reading books in their new home learning pack which will be available to collect from school on Friday afternoon ( you will receive a separate email detailing this). Don’t forget that Bug Club have a wealth of home reading books that the children can access. Oxford Owl also have a large collection of colour coded (book banded) titles the children can read.



Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Today we will be writing the problem part of our own story. Again, here are the teaching slides if you are unable to join us.

Task: To write the problem part of the story. What happens when your animal comes in? What is the problem and why is it a problem? Don’t forget time connectives and conjunctions!


Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Today we will be writing the resolution and ending part of our own story. Again, here are the teaching slides if you are unable to join us.

Task: to write a resolution and ending for your story.

Things to think about: Who comes home? How is the problem solved? What happens at the end of your story?

Remember to use time connectives, conjunctions, adjectives and different sentence types ( statements, questions, exclamations and commands)!


Wednesday – 5 x tables

Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can. There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Now watch the White Rose Maths video and work through pages 33-36 of your booklet. There are also some extra 5 x table activities in your pack.

Thursday- 10 x table

Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can. There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Now watch the White Rose Maths video and work through pages 37-40 of your booklet. There are also some extra 10 x table activities in your pack.


Wednesday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for this lesson if you can. If you are unable to join us, the lesson slides are attached below. This history lesson is an investigative based lesson. Traditionally it is a discussion-type lesson which will help develop the children’s enquiry, reasoning and questioning skills.

PSHE – How to stay safe around medicines

Thursday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for this lesson if you can. If you are unable to join us, the lesson slides are attached below.

Task: complete this quiz


This video from Yorkshire Sport Foundation helps to develop children’s footwork in a fun way.

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Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th January

10/01/2021 at 2:42 PM


We hope you have enjoyed a relaxing weekend. If you haven’t yet checked your emails, please check for important guidance about our Year 2 Home Learning.

Starting today, we will be teaching lessons at 9:30am, 11am, and 1pm. If you can, please join us in the Year 2 20-21 Meet Space. You access this by logging into google with the user and password given. Then using the 9 dots, select google classroom, then the Year 2 meet Space. We look forward to seeing you!

Timetable for the week

Reading 9-9:30

This is time to pick up a book you enjoy, read to an adult or read a book online. You could log into bugclub to read one of your allocated books or check out oxford owl’s e-books. If you have any reading comprehensions from your pack or previous packs from school, you could do one of these.



Please join us for a Google Meet at 9:30am if you can. You will need some scrap paper and a pen and your yellow exercise book ready. You will also need your story plan from Friday.

Today we will be writing the beginning of the story. The teaching slides with full instructions are attached below if you cannot join the google meet.

Task: We would like the children to write the beginning of their story, using their ideas from Friday. They should introduce the characters and say what meal they are having. There could be extra detail to say what the food is ( an opportunity to use commas in lists). They could then go on to use the same structure as the tiger story to say who it couldn’t be and why. We wouldn’t expect that children in Year 2 use speech punctuation although we are more than happy for them to have a go!


Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Today we will be writing the build up part of our own story. Again, here are the teaching slides if you are unable to join us.

Task: To write the build up part of the story. Introduce your animal. Don’t forget adjectives!



Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can.

There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Please complete the doubling activity sheet in your pack. Choose a 1 digit number to double. e.g. Double 7. Then show your understanding of double 7 in the 4 different ways.

Watch the video and complete pages 26-29 of your booklet.

Tuesday- 2 x table

Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can. There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Now watch the White Rose Maths video and work through pages 29-32 of your booklet. There are also some extra 2 x table activities in your pack.

Spellings for this week

Monday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for a quick spelling test and to introduce the new spellings for this week. Have a pencil and paper ready! If you are unable to join us, you could use the slides below to do the activities at home. No peeking at the answers first though!

The spelling pattern and rule the children are learning this week is le at the end of words.

Example words:

middle table little wiggle
apple bottle puzzle juggle

Can you find any more words with the le suffix?

We are also learning the following common exception words this week:

clothes father only money both


Tuesday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for this lesson if you can. If you are unable to join us, the lesson slides are attached below.

The activity suggested involves making a spinner. If you have a printer and you would like to do this activity, you can print the file attached.

Alternatively use 2 dice to generate the object and material using the list below. For example. Roll a 4 and a 2, draw a paper raincoat!

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Friday 8th January

07/01/2021 at 1:00 PM


We hope you have had a successful first few days home learning. As always if you are unsure of anything at all, please email class teachers. We have sent a number of emails over the past few days. Please read these carefully. Many thanks.

Here are some home learning activities for today:


Please continue with the revision sections in your white rose maths booklets as outlined in Wednesday’s blog.


Mrs Lace will be on Google Meet at 9:30am to introduce this lesson with all Year 2 pupils. Please read the emails carefully to find out more about

Firstly, we hope you enjoyed reading the Tiger who Came to Tea!

Today we would like you to plan your own version of the story which we will then write over the course of next week. Please follow the slides below:

Here is a story mountain plan for a new story:

Your task: Using the story mountain planning sheet in your pack, plan your own story.

  • First, think about the title. Your animal and meal must begin with the same letter like Tiger and Tea.
  • Next think about who is in your story. Where are they? What meal are they having? This is your opening.
  • Now think about the animal. Do they knock on the door or do something else? This is your build up.
  • Then you need to think about the problem. Most of you will choose the same problem; the animal has eaten all the food in the house and there is nothing left.
  • After that you need to think about how the problem is solved. Do they go to a cafe?
  • Finally, plan your ending. What do they do the next day?

We hope you enjoy planning your story and we will look forward to helping you write them next week.


Please log into Purple Mash. Mrs Wilson has set you a task to do.

Alternatively, find 5 objects all made from different materials. Either draw or photograph each object then label it to show what material it is made out of and the properties of that material.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend all. You will be pleased to know there is no homework!

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Wednesday 6th January and Thursday 7th January

05/01/2021 at 2:50 PM


This blog details home learning activities for Wednesday and Thursday. This will explain which work should be covered and which resources you will need from your pack.


We are a few lessons into the white rose maths Multiplication unit. In school we have already covered recognise equal groups, make equal groups, add equal groups, multiplication sentences and arrays. This week, we would like children to complete the activities in the booklets up to p22 as revision. You can find the accompanying videos for each lesson here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/week-1-number-multiplication-and-division/

We will start our home learning from the doubling lesson next week.


For the next two weeks, we are focussing all our English activities around the story, The Tiger who came to Tea.

Please listen to the story here:

You could also watch the Channel 4 animation on catch up or online if you register to All 4: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-tiger-who-came-to-tea

Lesson 1:

Book Review

After listening to the story please complete the book review activity in your yellow books.

The children are very familiar with how we write a book review. They should stick in the header in their book and use the sentence starters to complete their review.

You can read online reviews to help children with their ideas:



Lesson 2:


Some of the children have already done a simple sequencing and retell at school based on the story mountain diagram. See below.

Please can children complete the retell activity in their packs. There are sentence starters and word mats to support them when constructing their sentences. Some children may wish to develop this further and retell the story in their own words adding extra detail.


This week we are learning to spell words ending in the letter y (pronounced igh)

e.g. fly, try, reply, why, cry, sky, July.

For more examples and activities, visit: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/list-234.htm

we are also learning the common exception words:

pretty, beautiful, people, colour

As always when learning spellings, you can try the following strategies:

  • Write the words in different coloured pens (rainbow spellings).
  • Get your child to close their eyes whilst writing the word (this helps them visualise the word).
  • How many times can your child write a word in 30 seconds?
  • Play hangman.
  • Rearrange the letters of the word.  Your child has to unscramble the word.
  • Get your child to put the words into proper sentences.
  • Make up silly rhymes for each letter of the word (e.g. people = people eat omelettes people like eggs!)
  • Look at the word, hide the word, write the word.
  • Putting the words into a sentence.
  • Make a bingo game.
  • Play matching pairs.


What was life like when our grandparents were children?

Our main topic this half term is ‘The 1960s’. In our history lessons, children will be learning about significant people and events that happened in the 1960s, including Neil Armstrong and the moon landing, The Beatles and Andy Warhol. In school, we will be using artefacts and objects from the 1960s to work out what life was like in this decade and comparing it to today. We will try to share artefacts with children at home via the blog and google meets.

Some key questions to discuss:

What do you think life was like in the 1960s?
Do you know anyone who was alive in the 1960s? What do you already know about the 1960s? What would you like to know?

Here are some pictures to help you:

What do these pictures tell you about life in the 1960s?

Task 1: Write a set of questions that you could ask someone who grew up in the 1960s.

Please record your questions in your yellow book. Remember each question needs to start with a question word (who? what? where? when?) and end with a question mark.

Maybe you have someone that you could ask the questions to?

Google Meets

We would like children to join in with google meets if possible.

Ideally, children will be logged in using their google accounts so they can access their class meet space.

We will send further details via email as soon as we get this set up and have planned a timetable of sessions. Please bear with us!

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Merry Christmas from Year 2!

18/12/2020 at 2:32 PM


What an exciting week we have had with fun activities and parties!

We have still managed to fit in some of our usual lessons! We have worked particularly hard in maths this week, getting to grips with multiplication. The children have been using maths ‘stories’ to understand this tricky new concept. We have learned that multiplication can be represented in different ways: as repeated addition, lots of, groups of and as arrays.

After the holidays we will be continuing our work on multiplication before moving on to division. It would be great if children could start to regularly practise their times tables at home; In year 2 we learn 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables. Thank you.

Here we are making our own arrays! Can you spot any arrays at home?

We also made some Christmas tree pictures using our measuring skills. Children had to measure, cut and stick strips of paper in place to make their Christmas tree before decorating. We were very impressed with how well the children tackled this activity.

We had a fantastic party day. We played games and danced til we dropped! We had a very special visitor at the end!

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your support this term and for your kind and thoughtful gifts and cards. Have a lovely break and we will see you all again on the 4th January 2021!

The Year 2 Team.

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