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Another busy week in 2H…

Sunday 28th June | 3 comments

It has been a very busy week in 2H!

The main focus this week has been the children’s DT projects. They are making a healthy box of chocolates and designing the box to put them in.

In numeracy, the children have been finding out information about each other’s favourite chocolates. Whilst some of the children went to ASDA to research current products, the children in 2F and 2H researched each other’s favourite chocolate bars. They collected their data using tally charts and compared the data by looking at which chocolates were the least and most popular from both classes. The children have also been drawing bar charts to show class results and explaining what they have found out. As well as this, the children have been revising their 3D shapes. They have chosen the 3D shape they would like their box to be and have drawn the 3D net of their chocolate box.


In literacy, the children have been completing a second draft of their ‘Chocolate Factory’ stories. They have been improving their work and have typed up their story making any corrections or changes. The children have also been writing some exciting descriptions for their chocolates. We have looked at using alliteration, similes and powerful adjectives to make their chocolates sound as scrumptious as possible! It made us feel very hungry!

In DT, the children have had a taster session. They were given a mixture of dried fruits and cereals and some melted chocolate including milk, dark and white chocolate. They tried all sorts of different combinations and eventually came up with four ideas for their chocolates. They have also designed sweet wrappers and have come up with a brand name. I was very pleased that the children tried all

In PE, the children have continued to develop their co-ordination, balance and creativity using a football. They were given a very open-ended task of moving the ball around their bodies however they wished. They then practised controlling the ball in the form of ‘dribbling’ and  were  challenged to use the markings on the playground to manoeuvre. For example, dribbling the ball from 1-10 on the hopscotch, keeping the ball in between the ladders, following the squiggly lines and so on. Emelia came up with the idea to dribble the ball around the small white circle (see picture below). She showed great control and kept on going until she managed the whole way around the circle!


We look forward to seeing the DT projects really coming together next week. If everything goes to plan, you should have a mouth watering box of chocolates presented to you on Thursday! We are hoping to open the doors early on Thursday so that you can look at the children’s projects and see how they have got to their end product. They will also be bringing home an evaluation sheet to fill in for their  homework (which will be stuck in their Learning Logs), so they can find out what everyone at home thought of their chocolates.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Miss Hutchinson

3 responses to “Another busy week in 2H…”

  1. Laura has really enjoyed making chocolates. I was very impressed with the box she made for her chocolates. We have still to sample them.

  2. Katie's Mum says:

    It all sounds very exciting. I wonder what interesting chocolates Katie has made – it’s all a secret at the moment.

    I hope they don’t melt on the way home…perhaps I’ll bring a cool bag to school to make sure!

  3. Ellen (Rhys and Erin's mum) says:

    Looking forward to the chocolate treats! You appear to have been very busy these last few weeks, just like the umpa lumpas!

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