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Bully Free Zone

Saturday 21st November | 1 comment

The children from the KS1 School Council met for lunch on Friday and together we talked about bullying. We had all listened to the Anti Bullying assembly on Monday and reflected on what we had learned. I am pleased to say that the children felt that there were only a couple of incidents of bullying that they could recall happening in their classes and they were able to talk about how the situation had been dealt with and that currently they didn’t feel there was any bullying taking place in KS1.
We talked about how sometimes we may fall out with our friends, but that it is important to make up again and say ‘sorry’ to each other and that these incidents are not bullying.
We wanted to create a poster to display around school, so we shared our ideas and then decided to use the bee hive to put our messages on. Once the messages were on the beehive, we talked about the bee and decided it was important to leave the school ethos messages on the bee, as when we follow these we are also helping to create a bully free and happy place to learn in.
We will be sharing our poster with KS2 School Councillors, so they may decide to tweak it, but here is our original version.
Bully Free Zone_1

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  1. Phoebe's Mum. says:

    Hopefully are school will stay as a bully free zone fingers crossed from Phoebe.

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