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Jamyang visits Farsley Farfield.

Saturday 14th March | No comments yet

On Friday, we were delighted to welcome Jamyang, the founder of Tong Len Charity to our school. Jamyang spent the morning visiting all the children in the North Building. He answered the many questions the children wanted to ask him and shared his inspirational story with them. Janyang also enjoyed looking at everything the children were keen to show him.

We started with an assembly, where the children, all dressed in their Red Nose Day outfits, sang beautfully for him. This is the video which we sang along to; it has photos taken from our visit to the Tong Len Hostel over Half Term.

The children then watched this video, which reminds us all about the incredible work that Tong Len Charity does.

Each class had submitted some questions and I chose just six of them for James and Nina to ask him in assembly. The pictures from assembly show how the children listened intently to Jamyang as he answered their questions.

After assembly, Nina, Miles, James and Grace took him to visit each class. Every class spent a little time talking with him and showing him around their classroom.

We would all like to thank Jamyang for coming to visit us and together we look forward to developing this very special relationship between Farsley Farfield and Tong Len. As part of our work around ‘being a good citizen,’ we have adopted Tong Len as our International Charity and will continue our fund-raising.

Thank you to everyone again for their support with our fundraising in February, which raised £3000 for Tong Len charity.

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