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The Farsley Great Bake Off.

Saturday 16th November | 8 comments

The children were all invited to enter a baking competition, and then everything we baked was sold at Tea Parties in both the North and South Buildings. Most classes also baked or decorated cakes and biscuits together. The cakes were judged by the North Councillors with a little help from Lisa from the Village Cafe and also the Year 5/6 councillors.

Nursery won the prize for Foundation Stage with a delicious looking tray of ‘Spotty Crispie Cakes.’

The Chaudhari family won the KS1 prize with a fabulous Pudsey cake, decorated with chocolate fingers and smarties.

Eva at home with the winning cake


8 responses to “The Farsley Great Bake Off.”

  1. Kate Park says:

    What a fantastic cake Eva, well done to all the staff, a great fun day with an impressive total.

  2. Mr Harris says:

    A wonderful achievement. Well done!

    You are certainly being ‘Good Citizens’. It is really important to support charities and other people that need our help. I am very proud of you all.

  3. Emma Pickering says:

    Well done Eva, what an amazing cake!!

    Well done to everyone for working together to raise so much money for children who really need it to make an important difference to their lives. Lovely to see the school as a community and making a positive difference.

  4. lamberl01 says:

    I think that Friday was my favourite day EVER at Farfield. Every person at Farfield got involved to raise money for Children in Need. I am proud to be part of our team. Well done Farfield.

    Love from Mrs Lambert

  5. Miss Hamblin says:

    Wow, all your cakes and biscuits look amazing! I wish I had been in school on Friday to have a taste. I had lots of fun decorating the Pudsey Bear biscuits with you all.
    Well done to everyone for raising so much money for such a great cause and I hope you all enjoyed doing it too!

  6. Karen Chaudhari says:

    We were all absolutely amazed to see what a wonderful amount of money had been raised by everyone at the school for Children In Need. It really does make us, as Parents, so proud to see the children so enthused by such a great event and to see the charity benefit in the way that it has too! Thank you to everyone (especially the teachers) for their commitment and support to make this such a great day for everyone.

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. It was a brilliant day and a real team effort. We couldn’t have done it with out fabulous families and all the children. Mrs Fisher 🙂

  7. Rhys mum says:

    Well done everyone, lots of great baking. Great teamwork from all the classes and it looks like lots of organising from the teachers!

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