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2C at Skelton Grange

Thursday 12th May | 7 comments

Wow! Such a fantastic day and how lucky was I (Miss Sedman) to spend it with my amazing old class.  The sun shone and so did the smiles. Everyone described the day as one of the best days ever! We investigated habitats and learnt about mini beasts. We learnt all about the different parts of a plant and a plant’s life cycle. We had a brilliant time pond dipping and saw lots of creatures such as newts and frogs. We also played lots of fun games to learn about larger animals and their habitats and how they use camouflage to protect themselves. A brilliant day full of learning and fun. Click here to find out more about Skelton Grange.  Thank you 2C for making it a day to remember but get well soon Miss Cuthbert.

7 responses to “2C at Skelton Grange”

  1. Umayr's mum says:

    Looks like everyone had an amazing time! Umayr had a super day!
    Thank you.

  2. Daniel's mum says:

    Wow! You packed so much into your day, and learned so much!! I hope none of you had your chocolate pinched by Freya!
    A lovely day in the sunshine.

  3. Harry P's Mum says:

    Great photos! Another fantastic school trip!

  4. Laura's mum says:

    Fab pictures! Laura had an amazing time and learnt a lot. Thanks to everyone who organised and helped on the trip.

  5. Svanas mum says:

    It looks fantastic!! I know svana had a lovely day on the trip seeing the minibeasts and pond dipping!! A super day out on her birthday!

  6. Fiona Woods says:

    George said he’d had the best day ever!

  7. Mr Harris says:

    These photographs are sensational. I wish that I had been there! I hope that all the children really enjoyed being so close to nature.

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