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2F Trip to Rodley Nature Reserve.

Tuesday 17th March | 7 comments

What a wonderful  day we have had today. The weather was so kind; we were able to have a picnic lunch together and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Rodley Nature Reserve all day. Below are the pictures from the Rodley Nature Reserve family leaflet….. how many of the birds did you spot?

Here are some photos from the day. Tomorrow we will post our thoughts and thanks.

7 responses to “2F Trip to Rodley Nature Reserve.”

  1. Miss Lemont says:

    Hello 2F 🙂

    I’ve just been reading the blog and looking at all the wonderful things you’ve been doing. What a lovely trip to Rodley Nature Reserve! I’m not sure I know my water boatmen from my cadis flies so I may need to take a trip there myself…!

    It was great to see you’d learnt all about the eclipse too – your diagrams are super and I’ve really enjoyed looking at them. I didn’t get to go outside and watch the eclipse – what was it like?

    Have a great week and hope to hear from you all soon,

    Miss Lemont 🙂

  2. Evie Brennan says:

    I really enjoyed going on the school trip and I also saw a glimpse of a weasel. I also liked doing the pond dipping because we cort lots of different things I hope we can go back to Rodley Nater Reserve lots of love Evie.

  3. Claire Brennan says:

    I really enjoyed hearing all about this fabulous trip from Evie. I hope to see as much as you all did, next time I visit!

  4. janefisher says:

    Hello, Mr Walker, we are all so thrilled to hear from you 🙂
    We saw lots of beautiful birds, including a chaffinch, blackbirds, magpies, blue tits, grey tit, greenfinches, coots, tufted ducked, robins, swans, Canadian geese, crows, grey herons, cormorants, gold finches, long tail tits, reed buntings and bullfinches. Incredibly, some of us also saw some really special birds….. kingfishers, kestrels and pheasants.

    While we were pond dipping, you would be amazed to know the many different creatures we caught! Not only did we catch nets of mud and weed, we also got giant water boatmen, a tiny little fish, blood worms, cadis flies, rams horn snails, mayflies, dead skins of dragonflies and tiny beetles. In another pond we also saw a mass of slimy, jelly like frogspawn.

    Having done a quick class vote, pond dipping was definitely our favourite part of the day, although our picnic lunch was also very special.

    We hope that you are having a good time at university and in your new school. We all miss you, best wishes from Mrs Fisher and 2F 🙂

  5. Mr Walker says:

    Wow, this looks like a wonderful trip, I am really jealous I couldn’t go!
    I have a few questions to ask you all:

    How many different birds did you see and what were they called?
    Did anyone mange to catch anything whilst pond dipping?
    What was your favourite part of the trip?

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

  6. Mr Harris says:

    It looks like you had a fabulous day. Rodley Nature Reserve is a wonderful local resource and a great place to visit with school or as a family.

    What did you find when pond-dipping?

  7. Chloe A says:

    What super pictures. Didn’t we have a busy day? Thank you 2F for your lovely company. I enjoyed hearing how much you have learned about birds, and how much you remembered about bees. Well done everyone!

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