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It’s all about the solar eclipse in 2F!

Friday 20th March | 1 comment

What an exciting day! As everyone will be very aware, today we experienced a 89% eclipse of the sun. It was a very cloudy day but as the moon passed over the sun and it grew darker and colder, the children learnt about the effects of the solar eclipse – they saw their breath in the cold air, noticed the lack of birds flying in the sky and of course observed how dark it grew. The children were very excited and enthused to learn more about how and why solar eclipses occur. Back inside the classroom, the children watched a film clip of the solar eclipse to see what it looked like. They also investigated how the moon blocks the sun to cast a shadow on the surface on the Earth. Here are some photos of our investigation alongside the children’s diagrams and explanations of what a solar eclipse is.

Even a lego model of the solar eclipse was made!

One response to “It’s all about the solar eclipse in 2F!”

  1. KateHeap says:

    Charlie told us all about her investigations and was so interested to learn about the solar eclipse. Thank you for creating this exciting learning opportunity!

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