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Marshmallow Catapults in 2F

Wednesday 24th June | 1 comment

As part of our Science curriculum, the children have been developing their skills in devising and carrying out fair tests. We have also been testing materials to see how they can change. The children were given the challenge of finding the best elastic for making a marshmallow catapult. Last week, we tested different types of elastic to see how far they stretched. Using this knowledge, the children then made predictions about which would make the best catapult. This week, the children had to think about how to make the test fair, they had to carry out the test and then measure and record the results. The results were quite surprising!

One response to “Marshmallow Catapults in 2F”

  1. Lisa (Anya's Mum) says:

    Well done 2F, you look like you are concentrating very hard, great team work!

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