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Miles experiments and the ‘S’ factor in 2F

Friday 1st May | 1 comment

photo 2 (2)Today we watched the brilliant ‘S’ Final! It was amazing to see the wonderful experiments and scientists, chosen by each class.

Miles represented 2F and we were all very proud of him. He showed his experiment and explained it with such confidence. Well done! It was great to see that his sister, Evie, was also representing her class and they exchanged glances and smiles to encourage each other.

Miles preformed his experiment back in class for us all. Here is the video.

We are hoping that he will create a leaflet to tell us all more about his experiment too.

Well done also to all our 2F scientists, who each received a special certificate back in class.


One response to “Miles experiments and the ‘S’ factor in 2F”

  1. Husna says:

    I enjoyed the S Factor and I liked Miles’s explanation for the experiment well done!

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