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S Factor Mania!

Tuesday 28th April | 3 comments

What an exciting afternoon we have had in 2F. We had ten contestants battling it out in the heats of S Factor, each desperately hoping to be put through to Friday’s final:
Jasroop and Hafsah wowed us with their lava lamps made with vinegar, oil and alka- selter.
Phoebe (via video link) made an amazing exploding volcano.
Amelia performed a brilliant colour magic investigation using cabbage juice and different household products.
Charlie’s ‘How to Make a Rainbow’ was very well presented and included video and a power-point presentation!
Macey amazed us by making static electricity using just a comb and her hair. She then used the static electricity from the comb to make running water from the tap bend!
Nina’s floating and sinking investigation was very informative and clear.
Rosemary made a brilliant ‘Fizz Inflator’ using vinegar and baking powder.
Evie’s glitter tornado really impressed everyone!

All these entries and presentations were brilliant and we are very proud of everyone who took part. After the children performed their investigations, the children had a private vote to decide the overall winner….

And the overall winner voted for by the children was Miles with his Flying Electric Disk!

Well done Miles and good luck in Friday’s final.

3 responses to “S Factor Mania!”

  1. Bernice Ridley says:

    Wow Year 2, you have been working hard on thinking of good science projects!! I am a scientist and a Governor of your school and I am coming in tomorrow to help with the judging at the S Factor Grand Final. I think my job is going to be really hard, so I will make sure I have a good breakfast tomorrow so my brain will be working at its best!

    I hope that you all carry on being brilliant scientists and if I get a chance tomorrow I will come in and say hello.

  2. Chloe says:

    Miles loved the work he did on circuits in Year 1. He is always tinkering with this set, which was how he developed this experiment. Hugely proud that he had the confidence to do this, and looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

    I am amazed by all the different experiments in these photos – Miles has explained them all to me. You are all fantastic scientists 2F!

  3. alexgalbraith says:

    Well done 2F – this looks like a great audition. You are all brilliant scientists. Did you all enjoy it? I’m looking forward to seeing the flying disk at the grand final on Friday.

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