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Visiting the Bee Hive.

Saturday 20th September | 2 comments

Nicole and Sue, our beekeepers, brought a special bee hive into school. It had glass panels so that you can see the bees in their hive. The children were absolutely fascinated to see inside the bee hive. They remembered all the facts they had learned about bees last week and were able to spot the eggs and the wax plugged cells in the hive. They watched, totally enthralled, as thousands of bees busily did their jobs in the hive.

The children brought with them the iPads and were able to capture photos of the bees which they added to their Honey Biscuit posters, which they had been making in their ICT session.

Thank you again to Nicole and Sue. We are now all bee enthusiasts!


2 responses to “Visiting the Bee Hive.”

  1. G Rose says:

    Very interesting for the class they all looked fascinated

  2. sheena bennett says:

    Oliver loved watching the bees at work and keeps asking if we can make honey biscuits!!!!

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