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Year 2 S Factor Auditions

Friday 21st June | 1 comment

This week in Year 2 we held our S-Factor auditions and we had a fantastic time! Around half of the year group took part and the effort the children had gone to was great to see. There was a good range of experiments this year and this kept the audience captivated throughout. There were some fizzy experiments involving baking soda and vinegar and some great colourful ones using food colouring to create lots of different effects. The experiments involved polarity reversal, friction, gravity, absorption and magnetism to name but a few of the scientific elements. Some of the children showed great confidence and clearly explained what they were doing and the science behind their experiment. The only downside was that there could only be one winner from each class. Every child was given a voting slip to vote for their favourite experiment and many of them commented that it was hard to choose just one winner. It was a real pleasure to watch every single audition so a huge well done to all who took part! The winners were Jeevan and Jenna so congratulations to both and we wish them lots of luck in the final.



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  1. Amrit says:

    What an exciting week again. The children did so well- and so much confidence!

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