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1GJ and 2F – Poets working together.

Tuesday 8th July | 6 comments

The children from 1GJ came to work with 2F today. Last week 2F learned how to write acrostic poems about the World Cup, with Mrs Loveridge. Today, they took on the role of being ‘the teacher’ and they taught 1GJ how to write acrostic poems and then worked with a buddy to create a shared poem.

Elsie explained to everyone that in an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line of the poem makes a word. In their pairs the children thought about the words they could use for each letter in the words – WORLD CUP. The children then worked together on Purple Mash to present their work.

Before going online and using Purple Mash, the children in taught 1GJ about how to keep safe on the Internet.

  • Dylan reminded everyone that they must always let an adult know they are going on the computer and tell them what they are going to do on the Internet.
  • Georgia reminded us that if anything appears on the screen that we don’t understand, we must go and tell an adult.
  • Ryan reminded everyone that we mustn’t share our passwords with anyone.
  • Priya reminded everyone that we mustn’t share our personal information and explained that this mean’t not using your surname, giving your address or your telephone numbers to anyone on the Internet.

The children worked brilliantly together. 2F were wonderful ‘teachers’ and IGJ were ‘great learners!’ Everyone was definitely ‘being the best that they could be!’

Here we are enjoying working together,having milk and fruit outside and then exploring the conservation area together.

Here are the acrostic poems we wrote together. Click on the image in the spiral and it will open up for you to read it.
World Cup Acrostic Poems by 2F & 1GJ. on PhotoPeach

We finished the morning by listening to some of our poets reading their poems together.

Thank you 1GJ for coming to join us. We had a wonderful time working together. We think you all deserve at least 2 Dojo points each!

Well done from all the children and staff in TEAM 2F. 🙂

6 responses to “1GJ and 2F – Poets working together.”

  1. Ruqayyah says:

    I really like the video with the ispartion song and the photos and everything els

  2. Emma Pickering says:

    Well done 2F, for being such great teachers!! You looked like you had good fun learning together. Colm enjoyed writing an acrostic poem for his homework about his time in 2F.

  3. Sarah Haley says:

    Heather really enjoyed her time in 2F and told us all about it. Thank you for making her visit so fun 🙂

  4. racheljames says:

    Thank you for letting 1GJ visit this morning. You were fantastic experts and helped us to learn lots of new things. Your talk about internet safety was really useful and we now have lots of new skills for using Purple Mash. Composing the writing was quite tricky at first but your clear instructions and team support helped us to create wonderful World Cup poems. Well done 2F you are fabulous teachers!

  5. Kate park says:

    It must have been a very successful day, as Isla came home and wrote another acrostic poem. Experiences like these really builds confidence. Thank you.

  6. Karen Chaudhari says:

    This is such a lovely video. It looks like you’ve all had fun working together and your poems are great. Thank you for sharing your work.

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