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Busy bees in Year 2 !

19/09/2015 at 10:48 AM

This week Year 2 have been very busy bees learning all about bees! The children can name the parts of the honey bee and also sequence the bee’s life cycle. On Wednesday we had a fabulous session when Nicole and Sue came to visit us. They look after the bee hive at Farsley Farfield and even brought in some honey from these bees for us to try. Some of the children tried on bee keeping suites and everyone learned about the waggle dance!

Nicole also sent me this link to an amazing time lapse video of bees hatching. For the video, the wax coating on the top of the cell has been removed so that they could film inside the cell.

Next week the children are going to be baking some delicious honey biscuits and we will be using some of the honey that has been produced by the bees that live on our school grounds. The children will also be working on creating a logo for this special honey.

A letter has been sent home inviting parents, carers and family members to a special Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We will be serving tea and coffee and the specially baked honey biscuits. If you would like to join us, please return your slip or speak to any member of the Year 2 team. It will be a very special event.

Last week 21 children achieved their Bronze Mathletics Certificates. The Mathletics Club starts this Tuesday, so we are hoping that next week we will have even more children achieving a certificate. The Mathlete of the week was Umayr in 2C, who achieved 6,468 points; a brilliant score. I have set all the children in Year 3 a couple of challenges which they will see when they log on. When the challenges are complete they will be able to play games on the rest of the site.

Learning Logs have been sent home. Please complete the Home / School Agreement in the front of the logs. For their first challenge the children have been asked to choose their favourite animal and find out all about it. In addition to the Learning Log task, we do encourage children to read daily and aim to achieve a weekly Mathletics Certificate.

We have started our Phonics and Handwriting Sessions and these take place straight after lunch, each day from Monday to Thursday. This week we have focused on the days of the week and also writing numbers. We will continue to work on the spelling of numbers at the beginning of next week, as this will also support their Maths work. Click on the link below to link to games using the numbers to twenty. (At the bottom of the word list, click the green button for the games)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.33.10 Here is a link to games for practising the spellings of multiples of ten.

A Spelling / Handwriting book will be sent home next week with the numbers in for the children to practise at home.

Here are this week’s Special Mention children. They have all been challenging themselves and working extremely hard in all  our lessons.  The fourth Special Mention child was off on Friday, so we will feature her next week. Well done to you all. 🙂

Next week is another busy week. After School Clubs start, with Mathletics on Tuesdays, Bike club on Thursdays and Ukulele on Fridays. There is a Reading Workshop after school on Tuesday and from Wednesday the Book Fair will be open before and after school. Our Macmillan Coffee Morning is on Friday. Please also return slips for the trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which is the following week. Parent volunteers for the trip would be very much appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend. From all the Year 2 team.


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Making Honey Biscuits.

20/09/2014 at 6:07 AM

We all had a brilliant time baking Honey Biscuits. The children wrote  some excellent instructions ; I have posted some of their writing so that you can follow the recipes at home. The children used time words, like, first, then, next and finally. We remembered to use ‘bossy’ verbs and added adverbs to show how the action should be done. For example, carefully mix. The biscuits did taste delicious and we all enjoyed eating them! The recipes we wrote were for a double quantity, you may wish to half all the ingredients, if you are not cooking with 30 hungry children!

IMG_5575 IMG_5577

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Honey Biscuit Posters.

20/09/2014 at 4:51 AM

During our ICT session the children use the iPad app to create posters for their Honey Biscuits. The children know how to take, edit and insert photographs. We can add text, changing the colour, font and size. Together we also thought about what makes a good poster… I wonder which posters will be your favourites?


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Visiting the Bee Hive.

20/09/2014 at 4:35 AM

Nicole and Sue, our beekeepers, brought a special bee hive into school. It had glass panels so that you can see the bees in their hive. The children were absolutely fascinated to see inside the bee hive. They remembered all the facts they had learned about bees last week and were able to spot the eggs and the wax plugged cells in the hive. They watched, totally enthralled, as thousands of bees busily did their jobs in the hive.

The children brought with them the iPads and were able to capture photos of the bees which they added to their Honey Biscuit posters, which they had been making in their ICT session.

Thank you again to Nicole and Sue. We are now all bee enthusiasts!


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Brilliant BEES!

06/09/2014 at 6:35 PM

Next week we start our topic about BEES!
Everywhere at Farsley Farfield Primary School you will spot bees! They are part of our school badge and Learning Hive! Now there are also some bees that live on the school grounds, so we will be learning all about them. Did you know that without bees, the world would be a very different place….. we will find out why. Click on the padlet below for some bee themed links.

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