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Anti Bullying Assembly – Be happy.

17/11/2013 at 7:42 AM

This weeks Ethos Statement is



I have talked with the North School Councillors and we have done a Circle in class about bullying and it was good to hear that most children thought that there was no bullying in their class. A few children talked about bullying they had experienced or known of in the past, so we explored how this bullying had stopped and in every case it was clear that an adult had been told. Telling an adult will be a key message in our assembly.

What is bullying?  It is important that children understand that we can hurt and upset each other in ways other than physically hurting each other. Ignoring, laughing at, pulling faces and using unkind words can all cause just as much upset to someone.

In our class circle we talked about saying sorry. We agreed that if someone hurts us accidentally and then says sorry in a meaningful way, it does make us feel better. But ‘sorry’ doesn’t always work, if it’s said sarcastically or without meaning, it doesn’t work. If we feel we were upset on purpose, then even when someone says ‘sorry,’ we still hurt inside.

In our assembly we will do an activity with a large clean sheet of paper. We will think of things that might be said or done by a bully and each time we will crumpled the paper up a bit more. Then we will apologise and each time we will straighten the paper out a bit more. We will see that the paper never can be returned to the clean crisp sheet it was.

Here is the video we will watch together. More videos which can be explored in class are on the page at the top, Thinking videos.

Farsley Farfield Primary School wants to be a Bullying Free Zone.

Our Learning Hive  highlights the importance of friendship – Be Happy. We want every child to be happy and together we will try to make each other feel happy too.

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