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Friends posters on Pic Collage.

21/11/2013 at 3:00 PM


Our Ethos Statement this week was, ” I help to make our school a Bully Free Zone.” We talked about Bullying and I am pleased to say that no one felt they were bullied now, or had recently seen any bullying at school. However some children could talk about previous experiences of Bullying. In all these cases the children had talked either to their parents or to an adult at school. When the children had told their parents, their parents had then spoken to the teacher and then the teacher had spoken with the children involved and the problem had been resolved.

We decided that we would not only work on making the school a ‘Bully Free Zone,’ but also a ‘Friendship Zone.’ Being Happy is part of our new Learning Hive and we all know that it means not only us being happy, but also us helping to make others happy too.

Using the app, Pic Collage, the children created these brilliant posters.


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