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Partitioning and place value.

08/03/2014 at 11:30 AM


We have been looking at how we can partition (split) numbers in different ways. Like everything we learn, some of the children have grasped this concept and were partitioning 3 digit numbers (hundreds, tens and units) whilst others just needed a little more time to really understand our learning. We found using our LEGO 10s and units really helped us to SEE what what happening. Here we have selected 6 tens and 5 units and recorded the number 65, we have partitioned 65 into 60 + 5.


The children then moved a 10 LEGO piece across to join the units and could see that 50 + 15  also made 65 when they pushed the bricks back together. You can see we then went on to split the number 65 in lots of different ways.

This is a simple Maths resource you can make at home by sticking LEGO bricks together to create a 10 stud (2×5) piece.

We have also created some 100 plates to help the children visualise their work with 3digit numbers! ‘SEEING’ and ‘DOING’ our Maths really helps us to understand it.


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Next week – Maths, LEGO and Christmas Cards!

08/12/2013 at 2:06 PM

Next week we will begin to make our Christmas cards and other festive items. We know that there is Maths all around us and the Christmas card we are making is full of Maths! You can also follow the same instructions to make a card using any paper, but the wrapping paper with squares marked on the back is ideal. While we make the card you will get to practise all that we have learned last week about doubling, halving and fractions as well as looking at arrays again!

Click on the tree below to open the ebook book.
LEGO Tree Christmas Card instructions.


Here also is a link to the Christmas Maths Games we looked at last week. (Click on the picture)

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 14.20.11

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LEGO doubling, halving and fractions.

07/12/2013 at 11:28 AM

First this week we worked on doubling and halving. We used our LEGO 10s and units bricks to help us with this. When we doubled everyone selected the right number of 10s and units, and then got the same bricks again, finally adding all the bricks together to find the double. When we halved, we selected the number of 10s and units that we needed to half and then either shared them into 2 piles, or lined the bricks up in a line 2 LEGO studs wide, and counted the studs along one side. Children soon began to see patterns and links to their 2x tables.

Later in the week we used the LEGO bricks to help of find fractions of a whole.

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