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Basic Loom Maths

10/06/2014 at 7:08 PM

In Maths we have been making basic loom bracelets. We measured our wrists and then worked out how many bands we needed to make the bracelets. In the basic bracelet each band is folded over and measures slightly less than 1cm, we worked out that for ever 5 centimetres we would need 6 bands. Our bands are based on the colours of the World Cup country we are learning about. We all tried to create a pattern which was more interesting than a basic single repeated pattern. Just like when we learn to do other things in Maths, there are different ways to create the bracelet. Mrs Fisher demonstrated how to use a hook to create them and Finn showed us how to use your fingers to make them. Some of us found it extremely tricky, others found it easier and were then able to help a friend. Lots of us experienced what it was like in the ‘learning pit,’ but we persevered and kept trying. Next we are going to learn how to create the fishtail bracelet and then we are going to start to work out the costs of making the bracelets, as well as creating loom maths problems.

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Loom Maths!

07/06/2014 at 3:47 PM

I have noticed that many of you are really keen on making loom bracelets at the moment! So next week we are going to use them to help us in our Maths.

Here is a quick problem to get you thinking. I have created the sum on the looms and then moved one band. Now the sum is wrong! Can you work out the band I moved and the correct sum?

loom maths_4

We will be creating more Maths problems like this and also designing bracelets for our World Cup teams!

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