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Thinking and inspiration.


Thinking tools.

We know that our brains grow the more we use them – we can literally stretch or brains and give it a work out, just like out body at the gym! We know that to learn we have to put effort in and that sometimes learning can be hard and mistakes are part of good learning. Easy tasks don’t stretch our brains. Here are 2 tools that we will use when we reflect upon our learning.

thinking tool_2thinking_2


Videos for inspiration and discussion.

Here is a collection of videos we have used in our SEAL assemblies and some which I watched while looking for ideas and thought they would be useful to save. I think they may also give some good starting points for Circle Times or Philosophy 4 Children inquiries.

If you come across any other inspiration video suitable for younger children please add it as a comment. Thank you

Malala Yousafzai

The determination of this young girl is an example to us all.


This quote comes from the end of this video. (watch from 20seconds in)

This video remind us how we can achieve our goals by taking one step at a time and not giving up.

Video to encourage us to think about the words we choose.


Videos about kindness. My actions show others that I care.

Many children’s stories have great messages. This story opens up discussions about kindness.

This is an advert, but beautifully made and opens up conversations about friendship, kindness and giving.

Videos on Anti Bullying.

Videos on feeling proud of who we are.

Videos on working together, embracing difference.

Videos on Happiness.

Video on perseverance, going for your goals, team work.

Videos for Remembrance Day.

Video on perseverance & support from family. Inspiration.

Another on the power of family, perseverance, going the extra mile.

Videos on Respect.

Respect Rap.

Videos on Keeping Healthy.
Health – 10 commandments of Health.

Ks2 ideas.

These are videos, which I won’t use in KS1 assemblies, but I wanted to include in this collection.

What a wonderful world – a beautiful video to help us reflect on the world we live in.

This video was used for an amazing P4C session in Mr Wilkinsons class, 6W


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