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Year 2 Mosque Visit

Thursday 11th July | 1 comment

Last week, Year 2 visited Leeds Grand Mosque as part of their Annual School Exhibition. The children took part in a number of workshops where they learned about the Mosque and what it is used for. They heard the call to prayer and saw a demonstration of how Muslims pray. The children learned about the Qu’ran. It was fascinating to learn that it is printed in lots of different languages and even in braille. They also found out about different traditional Islamic clothing.

The children were extremely respectful and listened very well to all the group leaders. They asked lots of thoughtful and interesting questions.


One response to “Year 2 Mosque Visit”

  1. Sarah (Holly's Mum) says:

    Holly really enjoyed this visit and enthusiastically told us about all the things that she had learned. Many thanks to all involved.

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