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2F at KS1 Sports Day!

Saturday 13th July | No comments yet

What a brilliant morning we all had. The four teams in the class all were part of coloured KS1 teams and every event was a relay race so the children really encouraged each other and worked together. We had 7 different events to show some of the skills we have learned. There was a running relay, skipping relay, a relay where you had to collect beanbags in order, an egg and spoon relay, wellie wanging (throwing), a football slalom and probably the favourite – a space hopper relay! Lots of parents and families came to watch us and they even joined in a parents space hopper relay!

Well done everyone, you all put in 10++ effort. Enjoy this video and just look at all the great smiles.

Winning teams were awarded 4 points, the team that came 2nd got 3 points, then 2 points for the 3rd team and 1 for the 4th team. Team points were all eventually added up so each class had a winning team and KS1 had an overall winning team.

Here is the final score board. Work out the winner….


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