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2F trip to Eureka.

Saturday 29th September | 2 comments

On Wednesday, despite the rain, we had a fantastic trip to Eureka. We walked together to the train station and caught the train to Halifax. This was an exciting experience in itself as some of us had never been on a train, and the journey took us through some tunnels, in and out of Bradford and through some lovely countryside.

When we arrived at Eureka we went straight to the ‘Me and My Body’ gallery and found out all about how our body works as well as gathering lots of information and measurements about ourselves. After that we explored some of the other areas and discovered a Post Office, Bank, supermarket, garage and house. Some children enjoyed the garage best and they busily put petrol in cars, changed tyres and worked the carwash. Others enjoyed pretending to work at the supermarket, bank or post-office, while some of pretended to be customers.

After all that exploring we were ready for our lunches and all too soon, it was time to return to school.

The next day we shared ideas together. We talked about all the things we had learned, played with and enjoyed. Together we made a long list of very positive adjectives to describe our visit and then we used the list, photos and brochures from Eureka to make some great posters to remind us of our trip.

2 responses to “2F trip to Eureka.”

  1. Amalia says:

    Eurika is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Amalia says:

    I loved the trip to Eurika!!!

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