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2LA Sam’s Safari

Friday 25th June | 2 comments

Yesterday we had an excellent workshop run by Sam’s Safari. The children learned all about different types of animals. They were introduced to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals and were told lots of interesting facts. For example: Did you know that the difference between lizards and snakes is that lizards have earholes but snakes don’t?

It was great to see them using their knowledge to answer questions. They were all extremely enthusiastic and very brave!

2 responses to “2LA Sam’s Safari”

  1. Sheila Singh says:

    Vanshika had a great day with the Sams safari animals. She had lots to talk about and her favourite animal was the armadillo and the chinchilla. thank you

  2. Marion Allen says:

    What fabulous pictures! Theo talked for hours about rhe session, he LOVED it! Thank you!

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