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2LO Celebrating the creation of the RAF

Friday 30th March | 3 comments

What an honour it was yesterday when we were invited to be the launch school for the RAF celebrations and remembrance.  The children in 2LO made us so proud with their enthusiasm, interest and behaviour.  Here are a few photos of the morning:

Decorating pages for a book of remembrance poetry:

Meeting VIPs and the local news team:

Making World War One planes from celery and toast!

We also featured on Look North’s evening programme last night (Thursday 29th March ) which can be seen on BBC i-player (18 minutes in): https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09x08cz/look-north-yorkshire-evening-news-29032018 

3 responses to “2LO Celebrating the creation of the RAF”

  1. Ellen (Erin’s Mum) says:

    What a lovely day to share with the children.

  2. Shamim (Yaseen’s mum) says:

    Wow, well done everybody, children and staff, for taking part in this special event ! Farfield is so lucky to be chosen as the launch school.
    Yaseen has told me lots about Captain Charles Butler and he really enjoyed making the bread planes too.

  3. Zayn's mum says:

    A true history lesson!
    Zayn really enjoyed it.

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