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5/6H come to visit 2F’s Arcade and to read with us.

Saturday 15th June | 6 comments

We had a wonderful time on Friday morning when the pupils in 5/6 H came to read with us and then to play our arcade games. The children had adapted their games for their visit by adding sums that went to 4 digit numbers! We really enjoyed having them in our class and hope that they will come again soon.

6 responses to “5/6H come to visit 2F’s Arcade and to read with us.”

  1. jessica watt says:

    Thank you so much 2F your games were fabulous!!! WELL DONE!!!

  2. Hanna says:

    Well done. Your games were fabulous! Thank you for letting us play with them!!

  3. Hanna Mistry says:

    Well done on your games! They were all fun! Thank you for letting us play with them!!!

  4. Hannah says:

    The games you made were brilliant! Thank you for letting us having a go on them, I had a excellent time.Well done!

  5. Denva says:

    Thank for letting us play your arcade games they were really fun and really hard and maybe some of you when you grow will be games designers well done. 🙂

  6. Mrs Heap says:

    Thank you for inviting us to your classroom to play your cardboard arcade games. We had a fantastic time and thought that all of your games were very cleverly designed!
    We are making our own board games with Mrs Snelgrove in our Art lessons. When they are finished, maybe you will be able to come over to play them with us.
    Love from,

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