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6W visit our Arcade!

Friday 21st June | 31 comments

What a brilliant afternoon we had today. 6W came to visit us and brought the instruments they had made. They explained to us how they had made them and then demonstrated them. Then Amalia and Chloe explained to 6W all about how we had been inspired to make our cardboard games. 6W were brilliant at playing the games and we hope that they enjoyed their afternoon as much as we did! Here is an animoto from your visit. It would be brilliant if you could leave some comments. The children in 2F have some more certificates for you; we will drop them off when we come over this afternoon to ICT. Thanks to all 6W from all 2F 🙂

31 responses to “6W visit our Arcade!”

  1. lamberl01 says:

    Hello 2F
    Your games were AMAZING! Thank you for inviting us. You clearly put such a lot of hard work into your games. 6W were still talking about your games today (Mr W even mentioned you in assembly today).
    You listened so well to 6W explaining all about making their instruments and the science behind their instruments. Wasn’t Mrs Heap clever to play Inga’s flute so beautifully?
    Well done everyone
    Mrs L x

  2. Mr Wilkinson says:

    Dear 2F

    HAPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! is the emotion I felt when I left your classroom yesterday. Your cardboard arcade is AWESOME! The amount of confidence, energy and expertise you showed in demonstrating your games to the Year 6 children was outstanding. I am so excited to know that you will be in a classroom in the same building as me next year. We shall have to do high fives when we meet on the corridor that linsk all the classrooms.

    Keep working hard, using your imaginations and thinking of exciting and creative ways of sharing and practising your maths and DT knowledge. You should feel very HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYY with yourselves.


    MR W

  3. ec7852 says:

    I really enjoyed Gracie’s game a lot because I was there for ages until I ran out of raffle tickets. I had a feeling she didn’t want me to win so I got Sarah to back me up and we still lost!!! Thanks 2F!!!! 🙂 :p

  4. sj3237 says:

    I really enjoyed playing at your cardboard arcade. I loved the McDonalds chicken nugget game – i love chicken!

  5. ew4041 says:

    Hi 2F, I really enjoyed trying out all your arcade games! My favourite game was the one where you through the tin foil balls into the numbers- it was so addictive!

    From Eve, 6W.

  6. ld4047 says:

    Hello 2F Thank you for letting us play in your arcade it was awesome.I don’t have a favorite because all of your games were amazing. Its great that all your games were made of recycled materials. A big thank you again it was a great afternoon.

    From Leah

  7. Jake says:

    I enjoyed every bit of the day. Especialy when I don’t know what his name was did a little dance when I won his game. I’ve never laughed so much in a long time. Great day lots of fun all the games were brilliant. One was like a real one you couldn’t get the big paper (that was worth two) ball in the times one hundered box.

    Thanks 2F for a fabulous end of day.

    Jake 🙂

  8. ec7852 says:

    I really enjoyed Gracie’s game a lot because I was there for ages until I ran out of raffle tickets. I have a feeling she didn’t want me to win sov I

  9. jp7650 says:

    I loved how much effort you put into the arcade- it showed. I thought the prizes were awsome too! My favorite game was the one where you shot a marble at the bottles , it was great.

  10. James says:

    This was a superb afternoon in 2F . Firstly, i was suprised at how well all the children listened to the very advanced science of sound.

    Secondly, the children must of worked very hard to make there games so cool and good fun. I can’t remember what game was best but they were all excellent.

  11. Inga says:

    This was a brilliant afternoon in 2F. I enjoyed the arcade a lot (it was good to see how you can make your own games out of card board). I hope the year 2’s enjoyed their afternoon as much as I did. Thank you very much.


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