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A brilliant day on Bridlington beach!

Wednesday 16th July | 6 comments

On Tuesday all Year 2 had a wonderful day out together. We travelled to Bridlington on a double decker bus and made our way straight to the South Beach. A beautiful huge stretch of sand welcomed us and we all enjoyed our picnic and then an afternoon of games, digging, sand art and kite flying! It was wonderful to have so many parents with us and everyone joined in together, enjoying the sun and the beach activities.

I’ve just downloaded the other camera we took and discovered even more smiling faces! The sun shone for us all day, but gave us just enough wind to enjoy our kites too! We took rakes as well as buckets and spades, so we also created some wonderful sand art and castles. Thank you again to all the adults who helped us on the trip.

6 responses to “A brilliant day on Bridlington beach!”

  1. Georgia's mum Jo says:

    Fabulous photos capturing the fun and the freedom of a fabulous day!

  2. Emma Pickering says:

    This was a great day out!! I really enjoyed it! All the children were a pleasure to be with. What a lovely trip to celebrate the ending of year 2!!

  3. Karen Chaudhari says:

    Thank you so much…it was a great trip that ALL of the children loved (The parents had a pretty good time too 😉 !!) Another event to show what a fabulous school Farfield is.

  4. Kate Park says:

    It looks like you had an amazing time, thank you for taking the time to organise the trip.

  5. peterharris says:

    It looks like you had a fantastic day! It is wonderful to see so many happy, smiling faces. Well done Miss Hutchinson for organising this fabulous trip.

  6. alexgalbraith says:

    Wow! Looks like you all had a super time. I love playing on the beach and creating sand art.

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