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A Busy Final Week in Year 2!

Friday 14th February | 1 comment

In English this week we used a film clip about imaginary planets to inspire our writing.


We decided to create our own strange planets and created some fantastic art work. We then used these to write a description and a diary entry.

This week in Science we have been trying to find out which material is the best for mopping up spills. We looked at the different types of enquiry and decided that we were comparing and fair testing. Each group carried out the investigation and we all agreed that the blue cloth was the best. The children made predictions and then recorded what they found out. The children were able to explain how they made the test fair and they had fun using the equipment to test their predictions.

In music this week, we have enjoyed listening to and appraising songs by The Beatles. Here we are playing along with instruments!

We have loved learning about the 1960’s and it has been great to see how much the children have enjoyed and engaged with this topic. Next half term we are learning about Africa. We hope they enjoy this just as much!

Important dates and reminders for next half term:

World Book day Thursday 5th March- see letter sent home

Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park Thursday 19th March- letters to follow

Parents Evenings- 31st March/1st April in the junior building

One response to “A Busy Final Week in Year 2!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    What an interesting week! Your science experiment looked fun!

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