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A super first half term in year 2!

Friday 23rd October | 1 comment

It’s been a super first half term and we have been so impressed with how well the children have settled in. Thank you for all your support at Parents’ Evening- it is very much appreciated!

We have sent a pack home tonight with some resources for supporting your child in Year 2 this year. We hope you find this helpful.

Here is the link to the letter formation powerpoint:


This week we have enjoyed reading and discussing the story ‘Supertato!’ The children have written some fantastic reviews of the story, using right choice adjectives to persuade. We used words such as humorous, hilarious, brilliant and fabulous!

We wrote character descriptions and used right choice adjectives to describe what Supertato looks like and what his personality is like. We then decided to create our own super veggie or veggie villain by adding masks, capes and other accessories. This inspired us to write descriptions to match our new characters.

The children have learned the terms: expanded noun phrase and subordinating conjunctions. They have also learned how to use a comma when separating a list of adjectives.

expanded noun phrase:  a phrase which gives extra information about the noun e.g.  a large hat/ a large, black hat/ a large, black hat with silver stars on.

subordinating conjunction: when, if, that, because are examples of these.

Today, we thought of expanded noun phrases for a witch’s potion:


We have continued our work on addition and subtraction in maths this week. We have started to look at strategies for adding and subtracting ones and tens to a 2 digit number. We enjoyed using stories to help us understand what the numbers in the calculation represent.

Can you think of a story and ask a question?

Can you make up your own stories to add or subtract ones or tens?


We continued our work on what Farsley was like when Florence Nightingale was alive. The children created posters using photographs and captions to show what they had learned.


This half term children have been doing Gymnastics with Mrs Wilson. They have created some super sequences!

Halloween Fun!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed wearing their costumes today. The pumpkins and scarecrows were brilliant!

We hope you all have a lovely week. See you all on the 2nd November!

One response to “A super first half term in year 2!”

  1. Mairi says:

    What a lovely day, and those pumpkins and scarecrows are amazing! Love Halloween – favourite holiday of the year.

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