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Adventure in Far Legoland.

Tuesday 25th February | 5 comments

We have all really enjoyed making up our own stories based on the characters, settings and gadgets we have built out of LEGO. Together we have shared our ideas and today we made this story up together. We hope you think it is an awesome story… perhaps it could become LEGO movie 2!

Flora-1Flora 2-1Flora 3-1

5 responses to “Adventure in Far Legoland.”

  1. Isla says:

    I think are story is lovely. I liked Elsie plan of the story and if we get a pries then we will all share it like a team and we are a team.

  2. Emma Pickering says:

    2F, I love your Lego Story! It is fantastic! Very creative and worthwhile story for you all to think about. Well done!!

  3. Eva says:

    I love the story, it’s smashing. I like it when Cloud Cuckoo Land is built becuase it looks like a great place to live.

  4. Evie says:

    What awesome model creations and imaginative buildings and vehicles, brilliant! I like the story we made on pic collage.

    It all looks very professional and wish I had something like this when I was at school, very jealous indeed.

  5. Ruqayyah and zahrah says:

    WOW 2F My little sister is very proud of your work love Ruqayyah and Zahrah!

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