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Another busy week in Year 2!

Friday 26th March | No comments yet


In maths this week we have been learning about unit fractions and non-unit fractions. Can children answer the question below?

Children have also been finding fractions of numbers by using bar models.

Can children create their own bar models at home to find fractions of amounts?

Here we are using cubes to find fractions of numbers:

Please do use the hit the button game to practise skills such as doubles and halves. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

We have also completed some maths assessments this week. We will be discussing these with you at parents’ evening after Easter.


In English this week we have been looking at animal poems. We have been focussing on using right choice adjectives and verbs in our poems.

We used the structure of this poem to create our own poem about other African animals.

Here we are performing some poems using actions:

Other lessons and Activities

We have been busy in art this week. Wait until you see our finished sunset silhouettes next week!

More fun in PE:

Polite Reminders

  • Please make sure children have a water bottle with them every day.
  • We are now using the adventure play area and will hopefully start using part of the field again soon. has you child got their wellies in school?
  • We have asked that the children do not use the adventure play area before or after school; this is to prevent the mixing of bubbles. Thank you.
  • We have also asked children not to ride bikes or scooters in the playground before school when it is busy. Thank you.

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