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Another busy week in Year 2!

Friday 2nd July | 1 comment

We have enjoyed lots of activities this week including some local geography, measuring in maths, Superworm writing, a visit to the bees and more Chance to Shine Cricket.


We have been learning about compass directions and using these to navigate our school grounds. Here we are using an aerial photograph of the junior grounds and farm from Google Earth. We had to keep rotating the photograph to make sure it was facing the correct direction.

Measuring in Maths

We have been learning all about comparing and measuring mass this week. The children have used the balance scales to compare, using the vocabulary heavier and lighter. They then progressed to using dial scales to weigh different objects in the classroom. It would be great if you could do some more weighing at home! The children always find reading the scales tricky, especially when they are in different intervals or if they need to estimate the weight because the dial is pointing between two points!


We are really enjoying these sessions and children are really developing their skills. This week, we played a simple game.

Visiting Bees

Yesterday we had a fascinating talk from our beekeeper Mrs Gilhooley. The children enjoyed visiting the bees and learning lots of facts. This has kick started our mini topic on bees and we have started to produce our own book. This will keep us busy for the rest of term!

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  1. Frederike's mum says:

    great bee-keeper photos :o)

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