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Becoming Nocturnal Animal experts!

Friday 8th May | 3 comments

With another exciting Sleep Over planned for June 20th, we are all very excited about the range of activities we will be hosting at our North Nature Centre. I’m hoping that as the children are becoming such experts they will be able to help me run the activities during the day….. and for the evening we are even planning a NOCTURNAL event!

Next week we are going to become experts on ‘Nocturnal Animals!’ They have the task set for their Learning Log and we will also be learning about nocturnal animals in class. Each day, I shall post more links to different animals.

Look out for our ‘Mastermind’ quizzes which we will post at the end of the week! Here are some links to help you find lots of facts, as well as links to a couple of songs we have been learning ( The last picture link is to the Night animal song).

Can you add the facts you learn as comments on this post?

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3 responses to “Becoming Nocturnal Animal experts!”

  1. Husna says:

    Yes I am very interested in it Nina’s facts are the ones that we have’t done

  2. Nina says:

    Here are some facts about nocturnal animals.
    1. Not all bats eat moths, some eat fish.
    2. Some desert animals actually enjoy the sun and not all desert creatures are nocturnal.
    3. You cannot usually hear a bat’s squeak as a human’s ears are not sharp enough. Bats use this to catch insects.

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